Singing Telegrams

Singing Telegrams

Fee: Quad Cities IL willing to travel if expenses are paid Call Us
$85 Weekday Mon-Friday
$150 Weekend Saturday and Sunday
Must be approved by the location OR I keep your money
Paid in full via Paypal invoice at time of booking

Choices are:
Bad Beautician here for your makeover

Birthday Fairy here to grant birthday wishes

Belly Dancing Gorilla


What are my telegrams like...
I sing bad
Prerecorded songs so I can lip sync to
Wacky but not humiliating I think
Never any put downs
Your message in card
I design a silly balloon as a gift

  I do not..
Work 3rd party telegrams for entertainment agencies. I only work directly with the client

Do telegrams for people you have restraining orders against I will keep your money if I am not allowed to preform

Doing telegrams will not earn back your loved ones do not waste money on a telegram to win back the love of your life.

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